The Open Service Interface Definitions (OSIDs) define a service-based architecture to promote software interoperability.

The OSIDs are a suite of interface contract specifications that describe the integration points among services and system components.

The OSIDs are an architectural tool used to create choice among a variety of different and independently developed applications and systems.

The OSIDs are a project management tool used to thin-slice a development project among parallel streams.

The OSIDs create an environment for independent evolution of adaptable reusable software components within a complex system and federation of service providers.


The OSIDs were initially developed in 2001 as part of the MIT Open Knowledge Initiative Project funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to provide an architecture for learning systems in higher education.


OSID 3K is a redesign of the specifications to solve tougher integration challenges across a broader range of service domains in both small and large-scale enterprise systems.

This web site is the Release Candidate and Java Binding of OSID 3K.